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@ -36,12 +36,24 @@ The 2nd round of testing will include the same as before except that we'll use U
<a id="issues"></a>
### Issues
Rockchip Specific:
Turning off that USB config turns off ports on the Renegade but lets us boot on OPi5
Turning on that USB config restores USB on the Renegade but borks booting on OPi5(MMC-related)
RK3588[S] specific:
There are two configuration options that are unrelated to the MMC subsystem which prevent the kernel in finding an MMC device. The kernel _does boot_, but that is not the "real" kernel which is on the disk, in `/boot/vmlinuz-$(uname -r)`. It is the initramfs, and gets into the dracut emergency shell. Not good.
Configuration options in question:
<a id="thefossguy"></a>
### thefossguy
With these options turned off, the kernel does boot into userspace (i.e. you can login via serial/ssh and use it as a normal system). But this means that the USB2.x (I hate the USB naming scheme and won't bother with it) ports on the Libre Renegade SBC (`Libre Computer ROC-RK3328-CC`) stop working. This is confirmed by Bryan (@codedude).
Considering a pivot to RHEL config + defconfig vs the current Fedora config + defconfig, but it'll take some time.
This means that some other option is interfering with the MMC subsystem. **This is a bad sign**. I (@thefossguy) am unsure how to proceed from here. At the moment, I have found NixOS to work with my manually built U-Boot (v2024.01) and I am diffing that config with the Fedora config (mainly looking at the configs for the clock, mmc, phy and other related subsystems) to see what might be the problem. I don't have any other OS (rather haven't tried any other OS on it, _yet_) for the config comparison.
<a id="pivot-config"></a>
#### Pivot config?
I (@thefossguy) am considering to revert from using the Fedora config and go back to the RHEL config. My reasons to consider this move are as following (**but I am not going to do that unless the SIG approves it**):
1. Since we are a RHEL clone, it makes sense to use the RHEL config
2. For "missing" features:
2A. Hardware features not enabled in the RHEL config will be enabled (**and documented as a modification**)
2B. Since we are a RHEL clone--and not a Fedora clone--I don't think that anyone will complain for missing features like btrfs, but those can be enabled if someone is willing to test+support feature X
3. Since RedHat will not accept these config changes (makes sense, they don't support SBCs) we can have our own "list" of "here's what we have added on top" which can be "advertised" during download/in the readme and could be a differentiating factor over other clones (healthy competition?)