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# SIG/AltArch meeting 2024-01-12
## Attendees:
* Sherif
* Bryan
* Neil Hanlon
* Skip Grube
* Jason Rodriguez
* Jonathan Maple
## Follow Ups
* SBC Testing with *vendor* uboot -
* Basically everything is working except one of the Libre boards (Frite)
* Whack-a-mole with kernel options and support for different kernels
* Might be possible to patch for RK3389, as enabling this board breaks Libre borads
* Also is possible to disable USB2 for RK3389, but this is not preferable
* Kernel Config - RHEL vs Kernel KConfigs
* SIG/Kernel kernel is based on the Fedora Rawhide branch of kernel, but uses the KConfig named ['.redhat'](
* We want to use this as a base, and change config options as needed to enable SBCs
* January 2024 UBoot is out with fixes, should help with some of the reliance on Vendor UBoots
* Bryan will work on testing new uboot with these boards for next meeting
* OSU OSL has arm hardware available for us, this will help enable armhfp/arm7vl/32-bit arm
* Hoping to have this ready to build things in the beginning of February
* RISCV hardware
* Should look at getting a few more SiFive VF2
## Open Floor
* Raspberry Pi 5 Support
* check upstream for firmware, throw into our repo, rebuild image and test
## Action Items
* Build Jan 2024 UBoot - Sherif
* Raspberry Pi 5 Support - Skip
* Order RPI 5 hardware for testers/altarch - Neil
* ~~Maybe buy this locally in London instead for Pablo~~ -- nevermind they're not in London...
* Pimironi or pihut - ship to Sherif
* Neil to actually make tickets for the follow ups / decisions. But, like, for real this time
* I'm really going to do it this week, I promise.
* Setup ARM hardware for armhfp - neil
* Neil to figure out what RISCv hardware we need
## Old business
### 2023-12-15
* Neil to actually make tickets for the follow ups / decisions. But, like, for real this time.
* Neil to reach out to people re: ARMHFP hardwares
* Ampere
* Fabian (arrfab)
* Neil to figure out what RISCv hardware we need
* Announce Dec 29th meeting cancelation
### 2023-10-20
#### Action Items
* Libre Compute - Try/Investigate using vendor tree to build uboot - Pratham
* Investigate `arm-image-installer` script/tool for helping write disk images for specific boards - Sherif (?)
* Odroid N2 - Track installability
* Orange Pi 5 - Track installability
* Rock5b - Track installability
* Libre Computing Boards (3)
* Maintenance - Importing dependencies from Fedora/EPEL
* Document process on backporting uboot and kernels - Pablo
* To include information on how we work and interact with upstreams, with examples! - Sherif
* Check and investigate which boards have hardcoded grubx64 paths in their uboot; address them
* Acquire armhfp (arm7vl) hardware - Neil to reach out to OSU OSL
* Neil - Investigate what and how much riscv hardware we need.. and where we'll host it
#### Decisions
* Images should be generic so as to be able to be installed on any board, where possible.
* uboot can live on SPI or external flash
* We need to help document this for our users and have guides on how to get the SBCs working. This is a big pain point for many SBC users as there is so much variation.
* To this end, we should investigate some tooling to aid in writing images for boards which will boot on the first try.
* Uboot should similarly be generic and work for all boards, insofar as it is practical to do so.
* Some boards this doesn't make sense for, e.g., ones that have uboot from 2014 + hundreds of patches, however, these are few and far between. For these, we can package them as RPMs and provide them (see note below re: licensing)
* We will wait for the next LTS to be cut, as that should have all the changes for the boards we're talking about.
* We will engage with our upstreams (Fedora, ELRepo, etc) for changes we make with the Kernel SIG for AltArch/SBC support.
* This necessitates participating in SIG/Kernel to represent our needs in these kernels.
* We should strive to perform native builds when possible, but recognize that emulation is a necessary evil.
!!! note "uboot and other licensing"
We need to ensure that we are careful about the licensing of softwares we wish to include in the SIG distribution.