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Louis Abel 2023-09-24 07:25:50 -07:00
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commit c75e4c2e0f
Signed by: label
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@ -272,6 +272,10 @@ def main(options):
print('repo data failure')
if options.disable_all_modules:
modobj = dnf.module.module_base.ModuleBase(dnfobj)
sack_query = dnfobj.sack.query().available()
#recent = sack_query.filter(latest_per_arch=1)
recent = dnfobj.get_recent(days=days)
@ -300,6 +304,8 @@ if __name__ == "__main__":
help='List of architectures to care about')
parser.add_argument('--config', type=str, default='',
help='A dnf configuration to use if you do not want to use the default')
parser.add_argument('--disable-all-modules', action='store_true',
help='Disables all modules. Useful for getting newer than 8 data.')
parser.add_argument('repoids', metavar='N', type=str, nargs='+')
results = parser.parse_args()