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# Basic system configuration. All hardening should also be imported here.
# Use --extra-vars="host=..." and specify a hostname in the inventory or
# provide an ansible host group name. You can also just use "all" if you
# want to ensure all systems are up to date on the configuration.
- name: Configure system
hosts: "{{ host|default('all') }}"
become: true
# This is to try to avoid the handler issue in pre/post tasks
- name: Import handleers
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: handlers/main.yml
- name: Check if ansible cannot be run here
path: /etc/no-ansible
register: no_ansible
- name: Verify if we can run ansible
- "not no_ansible.stat.exists"
success_msg: "We are able to run on this node"
fail_msg: "/etc/no-ansible exists - skipping run on this node"
- name: Loading Variables from OS Common
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/variable_loader_common.yml
- name: Configure SSH
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/ssh_config.yml
- name: Configure harden settings
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/harden.yml
- name: Configure PAM
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/authentication.yml
- name: Configure auditd
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/auditd.yml
- name: Configure grub
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/grub.yml
- name: Configure common scripts
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/scripts.yml
- name: Configure motd and banners
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/banners.yml
- name: Configure common skel items
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/skel.yml
- name: Configure syslog
ansible.builtin.import_tasks: tasks/syslog.yml
- name: Configure tlog for secure systems
import_tasks: tasks/tlog.yml
when: "'secureboot' in group_names"
- name: Touching run file that ansible has ran here
path: /var/log/
state: touch
mode: '0644'
owner: root
group: root