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- Documentation: documentation
- Guidelines: guidelines
- SOP: sop

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- 'Identity Management': idm
- 'DNS Zone Standards': 'dns.md'

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title: DNS Zone Standards
Internal DNS zones are, for the most part, simply structured. Majority of
systems won't be at the root of the IPA domain (in this case, rockylinux.org).
Instead, subdomains are used based on environment (e.g. datacenter) as a
starting point, with an additional subdomain that notes the "type" of systems
or endpoints.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
| | | | | |---Data Center
| | | | |--Node type (like idm, svc)
| | | |--Node Number
| | |--Node Name
| |--prod,dev
|---Location code

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title: Infrastructure Wiki
# Infrastructure Wiki
## Links
## About
## Responsibilities
The Rocky Linux Infrastructure Team dedicates themselves to the management of the infrastructure in the Rocky Enterprise Software Foundation. This group maintains the stability of all components of infrastructure, ensuring the foundation of Rocky Linux and its Special Interest Groups, as well as other projects of the foundation, have a stable platform to use and build upon.
## Meetings / Communications
Some of the goals of this team are:
* To ensure the Rocky Linux build system is operating in a complete and functional manner
* To ensure the Rocky Linux mirror services are running optimally
* To ensure Identity Management services are working for applicable applications in the foundation
* To ensure all Git-related services work optimally
* To ensure the security and integrity of the overall infrastructure
See the [What We Do](what_we_do.md) page for more information on our activities.
## Getting In Touch / Contributing
There are a few ways to get in touch with the Infrastructure Team to ask questions, provide help, assistance, or even ideas that can benefit us.
See something in our [Git](https://git.resf.org/infrastructure/) that could use some improvements? Perhaps you have a question on how they work. Please reach out!
* Chat
* Mattermost: [~infrastructure](https://chat.rockylinux.org/rocky-linux/channels/infrastructure)
* IRC: #rockylinux and #rockylinux-infra on [libera.chat](https://libera.chat)
* [RESF SIG/Core Issue Tracker](https://git.resf.org/infrastructure/meta/issues)
* [Mail List](https://lists.resf.org/mailman3/lists/rocky-infrastructure.lists.resf.org/)
For a list of our members, see the [Members](members.md) page.
## Rocky-related Resources
* [RESF Git Service](https://git.resf.org)
* [Rocky Linux GitHub](https://github.com/rocky-linux)
* [Rocky Linux GitLab](https://git.rockylinux.org)
* [Rocky Linux Wiki Section](https://wiki.rockylinux.org/rocky/)
* [Special Interest Groups](https://wiki.rockylinux.org/special_interest_groups/).
## Members

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title: What We Do
Infrastructure was the first team created as part of the Rocky Linux project. As a result, the work that is done benefits not just Rocky Linux, but also the RESF in general. The team consistes of dedicated volunteers and professionals that manage the servers, utilities, and applications that benefit the projects, the RESF community, and the users of Rocky Linux.
Some of the things we do in pursuit of our mission:
* Deploys and maintains various services for the Rocky Linux project and RESF
* Ensures systems are hardened in a way that it does not disrupt the build system and services
* Ensures Identity Management systems are functioning as intended
* Ensures all Git-related services work optimally as to not disrupt users in and outside of the project and foundation
* Design, architecture, and development work to integrate Infrastructure components together
* Maintenance of the infrastructure used to build and maintain Rocky Linux (such as ansible roles and playbooks)
* Providing resources for Special Interest Groups
* Providing assistance and resources for users within the community to meet their goals where possible