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# distro-tools
Distribution building tools from the RESF. Used to build Rocky Linux
# Introduction
This repository contains various tooling that is used by the RESF to build Rocky Linux, and other extensions.
Currently the following components are in this repository:
* [Apollo v3](https://github.com/resf/distro-tools/tree/main/apollo) - Errata management and publishing
Each component has its own README
# Contributing
The repository is still in the early-stages but we're happy to receive contributions.
Everything from bug reports, feature requests to PRs are appreciated

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# Features
* Mirror advisories published by Red Hat
* Supports EUS
* Supports x86_64, aarch64, ppc64, ppc64le and s390x
* Create custom advisories
* CVE indexer and lifecycle tracker (Only Red Hat Security Data API for now)
* Publish updateinfo to RPM repositories
* Support for Peridot and Koji build systems
* Red Hat advisory indexing
* Mirroring Red Hat advisories onto rebuild products
* Output updateinfo for RPM repositories
# Planned features
* Custom advisories
* Vulnerability/errata lifecycle tracker
# Requirements
* Redis
* PostgreSQL
* Gunicorn
* Temporal