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# SIG/Security Wiki
## Links
The Security SIG repositories provide extra security-related packages and security-hardened override packages (replacing those from the main distribution) for Rocky Linux and other EL distributions.
## Responsibilities
Developing and maintaining various security related packages that are not in upstream EL. Identifying, developing, and maintaining security hardening changes relative to upstream EL packages. Occasionally including/backporting additional security fixes that are not yet in upstream EL packages. Contributing to the respective upstreams where practical.
## Repo Installation
dnf install rocky-release-security
## Packages
### Extra packages (for EL8 and EL9)
- [lkrg]( (Linux Kernel Runtime Guard)
- [passwdqc]( (Password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement)
### Override packages (currently only for EL9)
- glibc (adds many security-hardening changes originating from Owl and ALT Linux on top of EL package)
- openssh (fewer shared libraries exposed in sshd processes while otherwise fully matching EL package's functionality)
The changes are described in more detail in the package changelogs.
More packages/changes are planned, including override packages also for EL8.
## Contributing
If anyone else wants to join this effort - in any capacity including development, maintenance, testing, documentation, user support, spreading the word, or something else - please join the Mattermost channel below and let us know!
We also welcome well-reasoned suggestions/feedback/preferences on direction we should take (e.g., only making changes on top of EL's vs. offering newer upstream versions), what else to package, and what other changes to include.
## Meetings / Communications
We hang out in our [Security Mattermost channel](
## Members
## Project layout
Some of the people particularly active with setting up this SIG so far:
mkdocs.yml # The configuration file.
docs/ # The documentation homepage.
... # Other markdown pages, images and other files.
| Name | Mattermost Name |
| Neil Hanlon | @neil |
| Scott Shinn | @atomicturtle |
| Solar Designer | @solardiz |