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### Extra packages (for EL8 and EL9)
- [lkrg](packages/ (Linux Kernel Runtime Guard)
- [passwdqc]( (Password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement)
- [passwdqc](packages/ (Password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement)
### Extra packages (currently only for EL9)

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# Extra package: passwdqc
## EL8 and EL9
- Version ``
- Based on upstream version `2.0.3-2` as packaged in Fedora
### Package summary
`passwdqc` is a password/passphrase strength checking and policy enforcement toolset, including a PAM module (`pam_passwdqc`), command-line programs (`pwqcheck`, `pwqfilter`, and `pwqgen`), and a library (`libpasswdqc`).
More information is available on the [passwdqc homepage]( and in the documentation files (man pages and a README) included in the sub-packages below.
### Usage in Rocky Linux
There are 4 sub-packages:
#### pam_passwdqc
`pam_passwdqc` is a PAM module that is normally invoked on password changes by programs such as `passwd(1)`. It is capable of checking password or passphrase strength, enforcing a policy, and offering randomly-generated passphrases, with all of these features being optional and easily (re-)configurable.
Merely installing this sub-package does not yet configure the system to use the PAM module. To do so, please edit PAM configuration files e.g. like [shown here](
#### passwdqc-utils
`pwqcheck` and `pwqgen` are standalone password/passphrase strength checking and random passphrase generator programs, respectively, which are usable from scripts.
The `pwqfilter` program searches, creates, or updates binary passphrase filter files, which can also be used with `pwqcheck` and `pam_passwdqc`. This can be used for checking of user-provided passwords against existing data breaches, which is recommended in the current NIST guidance, specifically in publication 800-63B sections and A.3. Paid pre-generated filter files are available from Openwall at the project homepage above, but with this tool you can also generate your own.
#### libpasswdqc
`libpasswdqc` is the underlying library, which may also be used from third-party programs.
#### passwdqc
`passwdqc` is a meta sub-package that installs (via dependencies) all 3 actual sub-packages above.