Update bindep rules for Debuntu

This was precipitated by nodepool switching its image builds to Debian
Bookworm. This caused sibling jobs between nodepool and dib (and others)
to fail because python-lzma and yum-utils could not be installed on

In order to make this more future proof we reorganize some of the bindep
rules so that they match (or negative match) on static lists of things
which should allow new releases of Ubuntu and Debian to function without
updating the rules again.

Change-Id: I00b099daea099b9de5ee4b563ca7e401b0f856f3
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Clark Boylan 2023-09-18 08:25:21 -07:00
parent 1897b12ee9
commit 252692c660
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@ -20,15 +20,16 @@ gnupg2 [!platform:redhat !platform:ubuntu-trusty !platform:suse]
# ubuntu
apt-transport-https [platform:dpkg]
inetutils-ping [platform:dpkg]
python-lzma [platform:dpkg !platform:ubuntu-focal !platform:ubuntu-jammy !platform:debian-bullseye]
qemu-utils [platform:dpkg]
rpm [platform:dpkg]
uuid-runtime [platform:dpkg]
yum-utils [platform:dpkg !platform:ubuntu-focal !platform:ubuntu-jammy !platform:debian-bullseye]
dnf [platform:debian-bullseye]
debootstrap [platform:dpkg]
zstd [platform:dpkg]
procps [platform:dpkg]
# Version/distro specific items
python-lzma [platform:ubuntu-bionic platform:debian-buster]
yum-utils [platform:ubuntu-bionic platform:debian-buster]
dnf [platform:dpkg !platform:debian-buster !platform:ubuntu-trusty !platform:ubuntu-bionic !platform:ubuntu-focal]
# centos/fedora
qemu-img [platform:redhat]