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687a3127d3 Migrate from testr to stestr
* Replace .testr.conf by .stestr.conf for migration and update
  .gitignore, test-requirements.txt and lower-constraints.txt
  files accordingly
* Use py3 as the default runtime and 3.18.0 as the minversion
  for tox
* Add group_regex to run all tests

Signed-off-by: HeroicHitesh <>
Change-Id: I704356082e2c25d21aff3c5433efa077259b0b1d
2021-06-30 18:58:35 +05:30
24f2dbb59a Merge "Add .eggs to gitignore" 2020-06-16 11:43:38 +00:00
Riccardo Pittau
958fb1b6a7 Add .eggs to gitignore
Change-Id: I45da9a837be090983bd8f265b8f104909256b78b
2020-06-09 11:02:00 +02:00
Andreas Jaeger
e7885499dd Cleanup py27 and docs support
This repo is now testing only with Python 3, so let's make
a few cleanups:
- Remove python 2.7 stanza from
- Remove obsolete sections from setup.cfg
- Update classifiers
- Update requirements, no need for python_version anymore
- Cleanup doc/source/ to remove now obsolete content,
  use sphinxcontrib.apidoc to build module index again (this
  seems to have been broken when switching to sphinx-build).
- Remove install_command from tox.ini, the default is fine
- Update tox.ini for python3 only support.

Change-Id: Id8738ecfb0f578d2a7953c63ffe10779f835bcaf
2020-06-05 12:04:30 +02:00
Ian Wienand
cc61e6ac12 Import legacy playbooks
Import legacy playbooks for zuulv3 transition

Change-Id: I30763af7a4062d3c254a21eda532e3a4e90192da
2017-10-17 10:41:30 +11:00
Tony Breeds
f12b1310ef dib-lint: Ignore editor temp files for linting run
When running dib-lint vi temp files .*.sw? files are included which leads to
false positives.  ALso all editor files are checked when looking at indents,
again this results in false positives.

Exclude those files by checking if they're in the user/project's
.gitignore setup.

Change-Id: I0a48174f22a8dad9e8f15bf3f70835d021a2d46f
2017-06-27 10:46:00 +10:00
Ian Wienand
fea6ab1624 Use sphinx warning-is-error
Sphix 1.5 (I9e7261c4124b71eeb6bddd9e21747b61bbdc16fa) includes
"warning-is-error" which supersedes pbr's warnerrors.  Enable this and
fix up the resulting failures

 - trailing lines for lists in element_deps directive
 - missing README's that are linked
 - syntax error and highlighting in building instructions

Change-Id: I6549551b4a9bf47076c9811a7a38a666cbea2a50
2017-03-14 14:49:49 +11:00
Ian Wienand
83bdfe179a Git ignore coverage stuff
One less piece of clutter when you're trying to merge ...

Change-Id: I794027280359f5d1e02d4f3b99222d35783075d5
2017-01-31 14:21:21 +11:00
Robert Collins
d34b9453f3 Ignore manifest outputs more carefully.
We use .d files within dib elements :).

Change-Id: I0350e5ee9373e21bb275cb387ec682e2137b4f64
2014-06-26 04:29:51 +12:00
James Slagle
6fd78ffcfd Add manifests to .gitignore
A common use case is to run diskimage-builder directly from the git
checkout.  This leaves manifests and .d directories behind for each
image build in the current directory, so add these to .gitignore.

Change-Id: Id4b432d30dead830b0886bccb762c4e3922b52e1
2014-06-02 08:24:30 -04:00
Steve Kowalik
58c755cf4c Create a new baremetal element
Rather than using a script to mount the image using nbd to extract the
kernel and ramdisk, make a new element called baremetal, which contains
a cleanup.d script that will copy them out to <image name>.{vmlinuz,initrd}.

Closes-Bug: 1224669
Change-Id: I8f3569aa12148d18b1c8242b6fbbd8857894b26f
2014-01-21 16:48:20 +11:00
Sushil Kumar
ed0b20516a Updates .gitignore
To ignore swap files from getting into repository
currently the implemented ignore is *.swp
however vim adds more swap files if these files exists,
so improving this with *.sw?

Change-Id: Ic4a1a85dfdf21b7bd0abdf16a205446febab2fcd
Closes-Bug: #1255887
2013-11-28 09:42:50 +00:00
James Slagle
080012a3ca Add *.egg to .gitignore
Change-Id: I398d07cf2c1e07554566711b4904ccbb46df2bcb
2013-11-12 10:47:05 -05:00
Steve Baker
7795c7b108 Package with pbr.
Uses pbr-0.5.20 glob support to install elements, lib and scripts.

Change-Id: Ie466e753f6e75a943ced1a2939c9bb27aec4a6b0
2013-08-02 12:32:25 +12:00
Robert Collins
cb62bae9b8 Build images using loopdev instead of qemu-nbd.
Qemu-nbd does not perform well with older versions of qemu due to
the lack of writeback caching mode. It also only builds qcow2 images
and there is a desire for raw image support. Finally, qemu-nbd makes
it very difficult to build images concurrently due to the somewhat
opaque nature of how it selects a /dev/nbd# device. losetup, on
the other hand, makes this process very straight forward.

Change-Id: I309fad8af4fd1e8d1720c17b65e1897a76d5e897
Co-Author: Clint Byrum <>
2013-04-30 08:56:12 -07:00
Robert Collins
1ee3a01447 Move initial root contents into a hook.
This is a necessary but not complete step towards supporting Fedora and Suse
distributions. Further work is needed (e.g. to quiesce daemons on

Change-Id: If3ea6093d41a21de755db52328226b84b5a3ede6
2013-02-11 17:01:36 +13:00
Clint Byrum
c3ee071d73 Make it possible for openstack-CI to run tests
Per we enable all
of the commands except build_sphinx because we do not have any sphinx
documentation as of yet. Includes babel support though there are no
properly internationalized strings just yet.

Change-Id: Iae6e6b3f9e605106f4575196fa5527d2187255df
2013-02-04 22:26:17 -08:00
Robert Collins
573ee28fd2 Ignore .pyc files.
Change-Id: I74c1197fb5c8c35903f0ede8442741d2fc1d3f1d
2012-12-14 20:17:39 +13:00
Robert Collins
daf9fc1d6b Add a .testr.conf configuration and ignore .testrepository.
Change-Id: I182d8b5567732ecf3da69f580c3e4b6d6438ab6b
2012-12-14 20:17:39 +13:00
Robert Collins
d87f92cb4f Ignore temporary files. 2012-10-26 12:20:15 +13:00