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Jonathan Maple 827594ff56
Fix up kernel srpmproc directions
The original directions were writen specifically for Rocky8 SIG-CLOUD
kernel updates with the assumption that everyone reading would know
about the different branches depending on the major version they were
using.  We now explicitly call them out.

There was also an assumption that the reader was well familiar with
setting up a dev environment to do backporting from a src.rpm but that
is not always the case so included those directions.

Also linked to how to onboard to Rocky Account Services so that anyone
can be linked back on how to contribute.
2024-05-09 11:09:00 -04:00
Jonathan Maple 74320c2233
FIXUP - Kernel Package
The Bullets rendered correctly in Markdown viewers but not in mkdocs
rendered.  There needs to be full blank lines to start the itemized
2024-01-29 18:27:10 -05:00
Jonathan Maple f5ae4718cc
Kernel Developer Process
Kernel developers are unaccustomed to the `srpmproc` process. This
explains and demonstrates the process to create normal backporting
2024-01-29 13:17:08 -05:00
Lukas Magauer d06cf6f14a
Update what's there and little bit of formatting 2023-05-14 17:42:28 +02:00
Neil Hanlon 6fb971f5f4
add cname 2022-10-11 19:58:07 -04:00
Neil Hanlon 23af795b2b
Content would be nice to have :) 2022-10-11 18:59:58 -04:00