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**Note**: This repository is mirrored [here](https://git.resf.org/sig_core/kickstarts)
and [here](https://github.com/rocky-linux/kickstarts)
**Note**: This repository is mirrored at the [RESF Git Service](https://git.resf.org/sig_core/kickstarts)
and [Rocky Linux GitHub](https://github.com/rocky-linux/kickstarts)
This is the kickstarts repository for Rocky Linux. These kickstarts help us
make a variety of images, such as:
* Live images (eg GNOME/Workstation, XFCE, KDE)
* Cloud Images (eg EC2, GenericCloud for OpenStack)
* Cloud Images (eg EC2, GenericCloud for OpenStack, Azure)
* Various container images
Each major version gets their own separate branch or branches, depending on the
nature of the images and where development is for Rocky Linux.