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@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
# These should change based on the major/minor release
# Deps repo, there are some anaconda packages that are *not* available by default
repo --name=livedeps --includepkgs=anaconda-live --cost=500 --baseurl=
repo --name=livedeps --includepkgs=anaconda-live --cost=500 --baseurl=$basearch/
# Base repos
repo --name=BaseOS --cost=200 --baseurl=
repo --name=AppStream --cost=200 --baseurl=
repo --name=PowerTools --cost=200 --baseurl=
repo --name=BaseOS --cost=200 --baseurl=$basearch/os/
repo --name=AppStream --cost=200 --baseurl=$basearch/os/
repo --name=PowerTools --cost=200 --baseurl=$basearch/os/
# URL to the base os repo
url --url=
url --url=$basearch/os/