Fix partitioning order

Neil Hanlon 4 months ago
parent 403173ecc3
commit 9d3f4cd6c2
Signed by: neil
GPG Key ID: 705BC21EC3C70F34

@ -29,17 +29,34 @@ selinux --enforcing
services --disabled="kdump" --enabled="NetworkManager,sshd,rsyslog,chronyd,cloud-init,cloud-init-local,cloud-config,cloud-final,rngd"
# System bootloader configuration
bootloader --append="console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0 no_timer_check crashkernel=auto net.ifnames=0 LANG=en_US.UTF-8 transparent_hugepage=never rd.luks=0 libiscsi.debug_libiscsi_eh=1 ip=dhcp rd.iscsi.bypass rd.iscsi.param=node.session.timeo.replacement_timeout=6000" --location=mbr --timeout=1
# Clear the Master Boot Record
# Partition clearing information
clearpart --all --initlabel --disklabel=gpt
# Disk partitioning information
part biosboot --fstype="biosboot" --size=1
part /boot/efi --fstype="efi" --size=100
part /boot --fstype="xfs" --size=1000 --label=boot
part pv.01 --grow --ondisk=vda --size=1
part /boot/efi --fstype="efi" --onpart=vda1
part /boot --fstype="xfs" --label=boot --onpart=vda2
part prepboot --fstype="prepboot" --onpart=vda3
part biosboot --fstype="biosboot" --onpart=vda4
part pv.01 --grow --size=1 --onpart=vda5
volgroup rocky pv.01
logvol / --grow --size=8000 --name=root --vgname=rocky
logvol / --grow --size=8000 --mkfsoptions="-m bigtime=0,inobtcount=0" --name=root --vgname=rocky
# Clear the Master Boot Record
dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/vda bs=512 count=1
# Create a new GPT partition table
parted /dev/vda mklabel gpt
# Create a partition for /boot/efi
parted /dev/vda mkpart primary fat32 1MiB 100MiB
parted /dev/vda set 1 boot on
# Create a partition for /boot
parted /dev/vda mkpart primary xfs 100MiB 1100MiB
# Create a partition for prep
parted /dev/vda mkpart primary 1100MiB 1104MiB
# Create a partition for bios_grub
parted /dev/vda mkpart primary 1104MiB 1105MiB
# Create a partition for LVM
parted /dev/vda mkpart primary ext2 1106MiB 10.7GB
parted /dev/vda set 5 lvm on
%post --erroronfail
# Attempting to force legacy BIOS boot if we boot from UEFI