Add resilient storage variant

There were two options:

  * Add RS to HA variant, thus making HA inconsistent upstream
  * Add RS as a separate variant, thus matching upstream

We chose the latter for now, which goes outside of what centos does.
Unlike CentOS, packages like `dlm` will be provided regardless of
option chosen.
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nazunalika 2021-03-25 09:37:22 -07:00
parent 687bd1dcbf
commit 5e33219b60
Signed by: label
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@ -267,6 +267,18 @@
<group default="true">ha-devel</group>
<variant id="ResilientStorage" name="Resilient Storage" type="variant">
<group default="true">ha</group>
<group default="true">ha-devel</group>
<group default="true">resilient-storage</group>
<variant id="Cloud" name="Cloud" type="variant" is_empty="true">