add ln for new way
Build empanada images for imagefactory / buildx (push) Failing after 4s Details
Build empanada container images for lorax / buildx (push) Successful in 2s Details

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Louis Abel 2023-12-26 01:06:43 -07:00
parent cdcf7e4c87
commit 3c8d0d0ef5
Signed by: label
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@ -32,10 +32,15 @@ for COMPOSE in "${NONSIG_COMPOSE[@]}"; do
mv "${x}/${ARCH}/iso/"* "isos/${ARCH}/"
pushd "isos/${ARCH}" || { echo "${ARCH}: Failed to change directory"; break; }
# old deprecated way
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-boot.iso" "Rocky-${ARCH}-boot.iso"
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-dvd1.iso" "Rocky-${ARCH}-dvd1.iso"
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-dvd1.iso" "Rocky-${ARCH}-dvd.iso"
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-minimal.iso" "Rocky-${ARCH}-minimal.iso"
# new way
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-boot.iso" "Rocky-${MAJ}-latest-${ARCH}-boot.iso"
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-dvd1.iso" "Rocky-${MAJ}-latest-${ARCH}-dvd.iso"
ln -s "Rocky-${REVISION}-${ARCH}-minimal.iso" "Rocky-${MAJ}-latest-${ARCH}-minimal.iso"
for file in *.iso; do
printf "# %s: %s bytes\n%s\n" \
"${file}" \