comment out excludes for genisoimage, remove comments

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Louis Abel 2023-03-29 00:48:08 -07:00
parent 8a95c3f64e
commit f022ed15d4
Signed by: label
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@ -1256,11 +1256,8 @@ class IsoBuild:
result[zl] = u[zl]
# Note to self, we need to add a "/" to the list of files
# that we're either updating or ignoring..
# also we need to add the update logic to the classic.
#exclude_list = [os.path.join('/', exc) for exc in exclude]
#update_list = [os.path.join('/', upd) for upd in update]
# We check first if a file needs to be updated first before relying on
# the boot.iso manifest to exclude a file
if self.iso_map['xorrisofs']:
fx = open(xorrspath, "w")
for zm in sorted(result, key=self._sorting):
@ -1268,12 +1265,12 @@ class IsoBuild:
replace = False
for upda in update:
if fnmatch(zm, upda):
print(f'updating: {zm} {upda}')
#print(f'updating: {zm} {upda}')
replace = True
for excl in exclude:
if fnmatch(zm, excl):
print(f'ignoring: {zm} {excl}')
#print(f'ignoring: {zm} {excl}')
found = True
if found:
@ -1283,14 +1280,16 @@ class IsoBuild:
fh = open(filepath, "w") + 'Nothing should be excluded in legacy ' +
'genisoimage. Ignoring exclude list.')
for zl in sorted(result, key=self._sorting):
found = False
for excl in exclude:
if fnmatch(zl, excl):
found = True
if found:
#found = False
#for excl in exclude:
# if fnmatch(zl, excl):
# found = True
# break
#if found:
# continue
fh.write("%s=%s\n" % (zl, u[zl]))