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# SIG/HPC meeting 2023-07-13
## Attendees:
* Al Bowles
* Sherif
* Chris S
* Mustafa
* Forrest Burt
* Jeremy Siadal
* Gregory Kurtzer
## Discussions:
Sherif mentioning the release of HPC sig repos and slurm22 , slumr23 for rocky 8 and 9
Chris sent the link to look into openHPC slurm SPEC
Sherif mostly we will need warewulf 3 and 4 to be build
Sherif thinks about reaching out to the guys in EPEL to see any collaboration
Sherif what to look for next?
Chris, maybe MPI stack and openPBS and MPI intergration with slurm
Sherif asks for the openHPC unit tests
## Action items:
* Sherif needs to update the wiki
* Sherif to look into MPI stack
* Chris will send Sherif a link with intro
## Old business:
## 2023-06-29:
* Sherif release slurm23 sources - Done
* Stack and Sherif working on the HPC list
* Sherif email Jeremy, the slurm23 source URL - Done
## 2023-06-15:
* Sherif to look int openHPC slurm spec file - Pending on Sherif
* We need to get lists of centres and HPC that are moving to Rocky to make a blog post and PR
## 2023-06-01:
* Get a list of packages from Jeremy to pick up from openHPC - Done
* Greg / Sherif talk in Rocky / RESF about generic SIG for common packages such as chaintools
* Plan the openHPC demo Chris / Sherif - Done
* Finlise the slurm package with naming / configuration - Done
## 2023-05-18:
* Get a demo / technical talk after 4 weeks "Sherif can arrange that with Chris" - Done
* Getting a list of packages that openHPC would like to move to distros "Jeremy will be point of contact if we need those in couple of weeks" - Done
## 2023-05-04
* Start building slurm - On going, a bit slowing down with R9.2 and R8.8 releases, however packages are built, some minor configurations needs to be fixed -
* Start building apptainer - on hold -
* Start building singulartiry - on hold -
* Start building warewulf - on hold -
* Sherif: check about forums - done, we can have our own section if we want, can be discussed over the chat -
## 2023-04-20
* Reach out to other communities “Greg” - on going -
* Reaching out for different sites that uses Rocky for HPC “Stack will ping few of them and others as well -Group effort-”
* Reaching out to hardware vendors - nothing done yet -
* Statistic / public registry for sites / HPC to add themselves if they want - nothing done yet -

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# Repo Installation
"""This page is still under construction"""
For Rocky 8 and 9, `dnf install rocky-release-hpc` will install the required repos
# Slurm installation:
For Rocky 9: `dnf install slurm22` or `dnf install slurm23`
For Rocky 8: you need to enable PowerTools repo first, then `dnf install slurm22` or `dnf install slurm23`
Slurm is divided into multiple packages, so `dnf search slurm` might be a good idea to fetch whatever packages you need