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**Note**: This repository is mirrored [here](https://git.resf.org/sig_core/kickstarts)
and [here](https://git.rockylinux.org/rocky/kickstarts)
and [here](https://github.com/rocky-linux/kickstarts)
This is the kickstarts repository for Rocky Linux. These kickstarts help us
make a variety of images. Each major release has a separate branch. No
kickstarts should be in the main branch.
make a variety of images, such as:
* Live images (eg GNOME/Workstation, XFCE, KDE)
* Cloud Images (eg EC2, GenericCloud for OpenStack)
Each major version gets their own separate branch or branches, depending on the
nature of the images and where development is for Rocky Linux.
If you find that there is an error with a kickstart, there are problems with
the images produced from these kickstarts, or you have suggestions to fix
them, please open an issue. If you know or have a correction, please put in
a PR against the appropriate branch.
them, please open an issue. You can open an issue or PR at both the
[RESF Git Service](https://git.resf.org/sig_core/kickstarts) or at our
[GitHub Organization](https://github.com/rocky-linux/kickstarts)
When opening a PR, please ensure it is against the correct branch.
-Release Engineering