Lukáš Růžička 395ed61a1a Automate the Anaconda_Save_Traceback_to_Bugzilla_Text test case.
This PR adds a new test that automates the above mentioned test case.
It starts the installation in text mode using the `install_text` test
case, which it interrupts using the Anaconda crash trigger.
When the crash happens, it goes through the process of reporting
the bug to Bugzilla, checks that Bugzilla sends a positive
confirmation of the action, but also performs some REST API
calls to do a proper check and then it closes the bug to clean up.
2021-06-17 16:28:29 -07:00

12 lines
327 B

- hosts: all
- name: Install required packages
name: ['os-autoinst', 'perl-Test-Strict', 'perl-Test-Harness', 'perl-JSON', 'perl-REST-Client']
state: present
become: yes
- name: Run perl tests
command: prove t/
chdir: '{{ zuul.project.src_dir }}'