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- [Initial Testing Libre](#initial-testing-libre)
- [Initial Testing Summary](#initial-testing-summary)
- [2nd Round of Testing](#2nd-round-testing)
- [Issues](#issues)
- [thefossguy](#thefossguy)
<a id="testing-requirements"></a>
### Requirements for Testing
@ -30,3 +32,16 @@ As of 3 Jan 2024, the usb issues on the Libre Renegade have been resolved. The
<a id="2nd-round-testing"></a>
### 2nd Round of Testing
The 2nd round of testing will include the same as before except that we'll use U-Boot from the Rock Linux U-Boot Tools package. We'll continue testing the 6.6.x kernel branch.
<a id="issues"></a>
### Issues
Rockchip Specific:
Turning off that USB config turns off ports on the Renegade but lets us boot on OPi5
Turning on that USB config restores USB on the Renegade but borks booting on OPi5(MMC-related)
<a id="thefossguy"></a>
### thefossguy
Considering a pivot to RHEL config + defconfig vs the current Fedora config + defconfig, but it'll take some time.