Pratham Patel 5d13ad5dc4
make the SPEC file more generic
- Removed versions from file names.
- Add spec files that specify items that vary between kernel versions.
- Move the kernel-ml SPEC file as the file that gets included.
- Make the include file more "generic" such that a kernel can be built
  with only version, package name and source0 specified.
- Do not `exit 1` on finding new options.
- Remove the '-s' that gets passed to the make macro to get "normally
  verbose" build output.
2023-11-18 10:43:17 +05:30

14 lines
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%global major_ver 6
%global minor_ver 7
%global patch_ver 0
%global next_snapshot_date 20231117
%global release_v 0
Name: kernel-next
%global src_dir linux-next-next-%{next_snapshot_date}
%include %{SOURCE1}