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Rocky Linux 9 generic ARM64/Aarch64 images

Extracting the image

You probably downloaded the Rocky-9-aarch64-minimal-YYYY.MM.DD-HHMMSS.raw.zst file and are wondering how to extract. Run the following command:

zst --decompress Rocky-9-aarch64-minimal-YYYY.MM.DD-HHMMSS.raw.zst

Flashing the image

dd if=Rocky-9-aarch64-minimal-YYYY.MM.DD-HHMMSS.raw of=<device> bs=4M conv=sync status=progress


SSH is enabled on port 22. Logging-in as root is disabled, but you can login as user rocky.

User credentials

username: rocky
password: rockylinux (you will be forced to change this)
username: root
password: <disabled>

It is recommended that you do not set a password for the root user as this is safer (nothing is 100% safe). But if you really want to (do this at your own discretion), you can log into root's login shell with sudo -i and then set a password for the root user.

Expanding the rootfs

sudo /usr/local/bin/expand-rootfs.sh

PSA for non-Rocky folks

There are two repositories that are maintained by Rocky Linux. One repository provides packages that are specific to SIG/AltArch for SBC enablement. Another repository is basically ELRepo + some Rocky stuff. Depending on your needs, this may or may not be a good thing. Please change this as you see fit.

Notes for executing the script

Firstly, the prerequisite for running all the commands in the create-image.sh script can be installed with the following command:

# enable EPEL first, because `appliance-tools` is from EPEL
dnf install appliance-tools perl-Digest-SHA zstd


Kickstart syntax reference: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora/f36/install-guide/appendixes/Kickstart_Syntax_Reference/