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ipa-getcert Ansible Role

A very basic ipa-getcert role used for certificates issued for internal communication. This assumes the client is enrolled with FreeIPA.

This is loosely based on another project on github with some heavy modifications and adapted for the Rocky Linux infrastructure. In particular, we have made it more modular. This may be used and copied.

Note: Note that the certificates should auto-renew when requested via ipa-getcert. However. if you turn on the chain, you will have to fix that manually.

Getting started

Ensure all dependencies are installed and then follow the below process

  1. git clone repo Get the development repository
  2. pre-commit install Install the pre-commit hooks
  3. Make edits as explained in the customization section
  4. pre-commit Make sure existing code is good
  5. do development You know what to do
  6. pre-commit Make sure the edits are good to go
  7. molecule converge


This repo expects 3 things installed on the local machine

  1. pre-commit Methodology to test yaml style
  2. ansible-lint lint ansible code for best practices
  3. yamllint Ensures all yaml is well formed


If you can come up with a customization to this, go for it!


The github actions are configured to automatically run the molecule tests but if you want to load them locally you will also need molecule installed on the development machine


There are numerous other options within the defaults/main.yml that can change other parts of the behavior of the system


The changelog is stored externally