pv2: base python module for peridot and development tooling
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pv2 is a backend module framework for building and development. Initially designed as a POC to support peridot's potential transition to python, it provides utilities that can be used for developers in and outside of the projects in the RESF (such as Rocky Linux).


  • An RPM Distribution

    • Fedora
    • Enterprise Linux 9+ recommended
    • CentOS Stream 9+ recommended
  • Python 3.9 or higher

  • rpm-build

  • A few python modules

    • file-magic (python3-file-magic)
    • GitPython (python3-GitPython or via pip)
    • lxml (python3-lxml or via pip)
    • rpm (python3-rpm)
    • pycurl (python3-pycurl)
  • rpm macros packages (brought in by rpm-build package)

    • *-rpm-macros
    • *-srpm-macros
  • additional packages either in Fedora Linux or EPEL

    • rpmautospec-rpm-macros

Example Scripts

Example scripts are found in the examples directory, which can utilize parts of the pv2 module.


If you see a bug or a potential enhancement, we always encourage Pull Requests to be sent in. When sending in your pull request, make sure it is against the development branch. PR's to main will be closed.

To submit a change, we recommend that you do so on GitHub:

  • Fork the repository as necessary
  • Make a new branch based on the development branch - Ensure that it is up-to-date
  • Make your changes
  • Send in the PR for review to our development branch