Maxine H c768479a7c
Add OpenELA lookaside to getsrc (#206)
* Add OpenELA lookaside

* Add glob pattern for OpenELA http and git remotes

* Add another blank entry to branches array to maintain parity with other arrays
2023-12-02 05:39:22 +13:00
.. Initial import of getsrc command 2023-06-05 18:05:04 +12:00 Add OpenELA lookaside to getsrc (#206) 2023-12-02 05:39:22 +13:00


An automatic lookaside grabber supporting all flavors of: Fedora, Rocky Linux, CentOS, CentOS Stream. Easy to extend to other lookaside-based distros as well.


  • Download , save to somewhere in your $PATH
  • Run inside a checked-out repo. It will analyze the lookaside list file (".firefox.metadata", for example, or just "sources") and download the source tarballs for you
  • Now you can do a local build or edit of the package


I hope this will help anyone who needs to work with packages from different sources/repos in the RPM world.