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Change mirrors to centos8 stream repo's to vault (#216)
* change mirrors to centos8 stream repo's to vault

* also repour centos-stream urls

* repour more urls

* fix typo
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migrate2rocky Change mirrors to centos8 stream repo's to vault (#216) 2024-07-07 21:29:44 +12:00
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Rocky Tools

Various scripts and tools that we find useful, whether we use them or they are made for public consumption.

getsrc -- Git resource grabber

An automatic lookaside grabber supporting all flavors of: Fedora, Rocky Linux, CentOS, CentOS Stream.

migrate2rocky -- Conversion Script

Script(s) that that will convert existing Enterprise Linux systems to Rocky Linux on a single major version. migrate2rocky will convert EL 8 systems to Rocky Linux 8. migrate2rocky9 will convert EL 9 systems to Rocky Linux 9.

mirrorsync -- Mirror Script and Configurations

Example script and configuration notes for keeping a public or private mirror in sync.

gcoarchive -- Mirrors git.centos.org and sources

Scripts that help clone git.centos.org repos based on a list provided and its accompanying dist-git sources. This assumes a /var/www/html/sources format for sources.

Only clones 8 and 9. Does not clone sig content.