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R8 specific kickstarts

This branch has Rocky Linux 8 specific kickstarts. These kickstarts vary between cloud images and live images provided in our repositories and mirrors.

Building Live Images

To build live images, you will need to use livecd-creator or livemedia-creator. The former is simpler to use and generally works without many issues. The latter can be a bit more tricky to work with and typically runs the installer virtually. However, it can be used without a virtual machine like in a mock shell.

Using livemedia-creator

To use livemedia-creator without using virt, you can use a mock shell. To setup a mock chroot for the purpose of building a live image, you would set it up like so:

# Install mock if you haven't already
% dnf install epel-release -y
% dnf install mock -y

# Add a user to the mock group
% usermod -a -G mock user

# As the user, setup the mock environment
% mock -r rocky-8-x86_64 --init
% mock -r rocky-8-x86_64 --install lorax-lmc-novirt vim-minimal pykickstart git
# You will need to be in permissive mode temporarily
% setenforce 0
# Enter the shell
% mock -r rocky-8-x86_64 --shell --isolation=simple --enable-network

# Clone the kickstarts and run an installation
% git clone
% cd kickstarts
% livemedia-creator --ks Rocky-8-Workstation.ks \
  --no-virt \
  --resultdir /var/lmc \
  --project="Rocky Linux" \
  --make-iso \
  --volid Rocky-Workstation-8 \
  --iso-only \
  --iso-name Rocky-Workstation-8-x86_64.iso \
  --releasever=8 \
  --nomacboot  # This option is important to set, mkfs.hfsplus is not available

With the example above, all of the results will appear in /var/lib/mock/rocky-8-x86_64/root/var/lmc.