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label added 55 commits 2022-10-10 18:50:06 +00:00
* Start SIG deployment testing
* Add additional sigs: desktop, virt
* Modify altarch to match repo names in release package
* Add --disable-gpg-check switch to sync scripts
* Add --disable-repo-gpg-check switch to sync scripts
* Add datestamp for future image use
Add symlinked versions of all images that are unversioned. This is
primarily for users who would like a URL path to the latest ISO for a
particular release. This is also for cases like osinfo where there
should be a generic path per major release.
Continerfile.imagefactory was missing an equal sign ('=') for an ARG
default value. This prevented the container image build from completing
a git clone successfully.
label closed this pull request 2022-10-10 18:56:11 +00:00

Pull request closed

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