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Rocky Linux OSTree

This repository contains the configuration files needed to spin Rocky Linux using rpm-ostree.

Project Structure

  • manifest.$releasever-$rltype.yaml - These files represent the entry point for a given release config.
  • manifests/rocky-common.yaml - Default configuration for rpm-ostree and rocky common to all variants.
  • manifests/arch - These files contain configuration specific to the named architecture, x86_64, aarch64, aarch64-pi. Note these should be explicitly included by top level manifests.
  • manifests/dnf-groups - Contains lists of packages organized by containing dnf group, e.g., @Core, @Standard, etc. This is not a comprehensive list and my not be the best approach.
  • build - Contains instructions and scripts to build both the server-side tree and an installation ISO. See the build/ for build instructions.
  • kickstarts - Anaconda kickstart files that can be used with any anaconda installer image.

For details on these manifests, A.K.A. Treefiles, see: Treefile Reference