Repository to collect various kickstarts for testing purposes
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The intent of this repository is to have common kickstart scenerios for testing team. Each kickstart should be simple in its intent.

Repo organization:

  • Do we want to create some directory structure to separate scenarious?
  • Or do we just want a flat dir for now, with maybe a kickstart with ample comments (or possibly an associated README.kickstart.scenario ) for each one?

Installation methods:

  • URL - from direct mirror
  • URL - from mirrorlist
  • NAS - or from some other network mount point (eg: NFS)

Boot methods:

  • BIOS
  • UEFI
  • UEFI + secure Boot

Installation types:

  • Minimal
  • Workstation
  • Server

Disk types:

  • sda
  • nvme
  • basic partitioning
  • advanced partitioning
    • CIS Benchmark level: / /home /tmp swap /var/tmp/ /var/ /var/log/ /opt
    • /boot/EFI + LVM for all other mounts
    • /boot/EFI + LUKS
    • mdadm RAID0 across two drives on every partition (including /boot/EFI! but also maybe / and swap for simple test; advanced options would be covered by other tests)

Server types:

  • Deploy a functional NFS server
  • Deploy a functional Apache server
  • Other common server types?