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Release Engineering toolkit for repeatable operations or functionality testing.

Currently mirrored at our github, and the RESF Git Service. Changes will typically occur at the RESF Git Service.

What does this have?

  • analyze -> Analysis utilities (such as download stats)
  • chat -> mattermost related utilities
  • func -> (mostly defunct) testing scripts and tools to test base functionality
  • iso -> Contains empanadas, which provides ISO, Compose, and Sync related utilities.
  • mangle -> Manglers and other misc stuff
  • sync -> Sync tools, primarily for Rocky Linux 8 and will eventually be deprecated

How can I help?

Fork this repository and open a PR with your changes. Keep these things in mind when you make changes:

  • Your PR should be against the devel branch (not optional)

  • Have pre-commit installed if possible

  • Have shellcheck installed if possible

  • Shell Scripts: These must pass a shellcheck test!

  • Python scripts: Try your best to follow PEP8 guidelines (even the best linters get things wrong)

    • Note that not everything has to pass. Just try your best.

PR's against the main branch will be closed.

PR's are preferred at the RESF Git Service.

Will some of this be moved into separate repositories?

There may be some things that will be moved to its own repository in the near future. From a SIG/Core standpoint, we believe a good chunk of this should stay here as it makes it easier for us to maintain and manage.