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Release Engineering toolkit for repeatable operations or functionality testing.
Currently mirrored at our [github](, and the
[RESF Git Service]( Changes will typically occur at the
RESF Git Service.
What does this have?
* analyze -> Analysis utilities (such as download stats)
* chat -> mattermost related utilities
* func -> (mostly defunct) testing scripts and tools to test base functionality
* iso -> Contains `empanadas`, which provides ISO, Compose, and Sync related utilities.
* mangle -> Manglers and other misc stuff
* sync -> Sync tools, primarily for Rocky Linux 8 and will eventually be deprecated
How can I help?
Fork this repository and open a PR with your changes. Keep these things in mind
when you make changes:
* Your PR should be against the devel branch (not optional)
* Have pre-commit installed if possible
* Have shellcheck installed if possible
* Shell Scripts: These must pass a shellcheck test!
* Python scripts: Try your best to follow PEP8 guidelines (even the best linters get things wrong)
* Note that not everything has to pass. Just try your best.
PR's against the main branch will be closed.
PR's are preferred at the [RESF Git Service](
Will some of this be moved into separate repositories?
There may be some things that will be moved to its own repository in the near
future. From a SIG/Core standpoint, we believe a good chunk of this should stay
here as it makes it easier for us to maintain and manage.